Operational Advice & Owner’s Engineer

Thanks to its involvement in the construction and operation of many mines around the world, Mchelex has considerable operational expertise in acting as Owner’s Engineer. Typically these assignments involve basing one or more of our professional staff on‐site, on a permanent or semi‐permanent basis. This allows us to better assist a mine owner and developer by overseeing the design, construction, and/or operation of its mining project.

At operational mines, Mchelex can assist its clients in adapting their operations to changing economic circumstances e.g. helping to reduce operating and/or capital costs when commodity prices fall, and increasing capacity when commodity prices rise. We can also offer practical assistance to help optimise head grades and increase tonnage, analyse and reduce risk, improve safety and manpower requirements.

Mchelex also provides practical and operational training for the owner’s personnel if this is required.

  • Owner’s Engineer
  • Project Management
  • Optimisation studies
  • Strategic studies & advice
  • Operational Health & Safety
  • Sustainability / Environmental Management
  • Staff training