Mine Design & Planning

Mchelex has many years’ experience in designing mines all over the world. This experience spans virtually all mining methods, both surface and underground, for a multitude of commodities. Each year Mchelex completed numerous mine design assignments, many of which are undertaken as an integral part of a Scoping, Pre Feasibility or Feasibility study; but Mchelex also undertakes detailed mine design (post Feasibility study) and design planning for mine optimisation purposes.

Mchelex’s approach always focuses on understanding the complete mining context and characteristics of the deposit, and of recognising and addressing the specific constraints of each project in order to select the appropriate mining method and a robust mine plan. Our mining engineers are innovative and rigorous in their working practices and are at all times focused on producing practical mine designs and achievable schedules that make the most effective use of mine capital, in both short and longer term time frames.

Our extensive experience from mine planning through to mine decommissioning ensures that our designs are innovative, cost effective and environmentally acceptable and maximise the economic benefit of each project.

  • Open pit & underground mines
  • Mine method selection & design
  • Geotechnics & rock mechanics
  • Equipment selection & logistics
  • Plant & equipment design